BLOCK Project

While doorbelling the other night, I came across the BLOCK Project. I saw several yard and window signs that said, "Yes, in my backyard." I inquired at one house, and the owner proudly told me that he and his partner were hosts to a BLOCK home in their backyard. A young woman who had previously been homeless was now living there with her two-week old baby. The BLOCK Project welcomes neighbors to the task of ending homelessness by placing small backyard homes in Seattle's residential neighborhoods. The goal is one BLOCK home per block. Each 125-square-foot home is designed to be off-grid, self-sufficient, and features a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, solar panels, gray water system, etc. Social service agencies such as Mary's Place refer people who are homeless. There is a matchmaking process between neighbor hosts and residents. What a wonderful housing initiative and community-building project!

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  • Sushma Kallam
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