July 10 - Parks Meetings and Doorbelling

Back to the doors after a wonderful community meeting last night in West Seattle to celebrate a design for a new park to be built in 2020 (my day job with Seattle Parks and Recreation) and a great meet and greet tonight hosted by our neighbors (thank you, John and Mary Kay!).

The first door was a man who owns a commercial fishing boat at Fisherman's Terminal. He does a lot of business at the maritime shops along Shilshole Avenue in Ballard. We had a great chat about theĀ missing link in the Burke-Gilman bicycle and pedestrian trail. He thought it made most sense to have the trail run along the railroad tracks next to Shilshole all the way from Fred Meyer to the Ballard Locks. The City has already compromised with some maritime interests by agreeing to put the trail along Market St for about three blocks just east of the Locks and then the rest along the tracks. It's way past time to move forward with construction and fill in the long-awaited missing link segment!

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