July 7 - Doorbelling in Blue Ridge

Last night I went doorbelling in Blue Ridge. A woman who answered the door asked me, a bit wearily, if I was soliciting. I replied, "I'm politicking." That brought a smile to her face. Still, I thought she was tired, and I decided to excuse myself. Ten minutes later, after I had finished talking with some folks on the next block, she caught up to me ⁠— flyer in hand. "I came to tell you that I read your flyer and love everything you say. It represents much of what our family believes. I'm glad you stopped by," she said.

This House had a whole model train track set up in the front yard, complete with a red drawbridge!

A few doors down I talked with a woman who teaches biology at Shorewood High School in Shoreline. Her favorite class is one she co-teaches with another teacher. Half of the students have learning disabilities, many reading at lower grade levels, even down to fourth grade. The two teachers love the challenges and amazing interactions in the class. For me, it affirms the power of inclusion and access to quality teaching and education.

My night's stint ended on the last block of Mary Ave NW. It leads into Carkeek Park, to the South Loop trail, which is a family favorite. Sometimes I walk into the park here all the way from our house near Salmon Bay Park in Ballard. It started raining, and I was thankful for my trusty raincoat!

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