Response to a recent comment on my homelessness post

I want to thank someone who helped to educate me about homelessness. It is a truly complex issue with no easy solutions.

In my recent post I had said:

“It is important that all people feel safe in parks and along sidewalks. That includes people who are homeless. But parks and sidewalks are not places for camping overnight. The teams can let campers in such places know that if there is no shelter or housing available, then they need to move to places away from parks or sidewalks.”

Someone wrote me to say she was disturbed by the idea that unhoused people should hide in less public places. She is absolutely right. For example, staying underneath highways is not safe for unhoused people. We need to provide effective housing options and social services, and not require that those most at risk hide for our comfort.

I am appreciative of this person for pointing out the error in my thought. 

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